Types Of Spandex Fiber

- Mar 26, 2020-

Types of spandex fiber
1. Spandex naked wire
Can be used for knitting and other yarn weaving, also can be used for the belt part of pantyhose
2. Core spun yarn

With spandex as the core, it is wrapped with cotton yarn, wool, acrylic fiber and other fibers. The elastic elongation of core spun yarn is 150% ~ 200%. For example, two 47.6 dtex cotton yarns wrapped with 156 dtex spandex can be used to weave elastic labor cloth, three necks (neckline, cuff, HEM) of corduroy and knitwear, etc. 3. Covering yarn

It is made of spandex as core yarn, wrapped with nylon elastic yarn or other fibers. The elastic elongation of covering yarn is 300% ~ 400%. For example: 2170 covering yarn, which is made of 233dtex spandex as core yarn and 78dtex nylon elastic yarn, can be used as the sock mouth of elastic nylon socks. 4. Combined twisting yarn (combined twisting yarn)
It is made of 1-2 ordinary cotton yarn, wool yarn or nylon and spandex by twisting, and is often used for weaving elastic labor cloth