The Difference Between Spandex Fabric And Vinylon Fabric

- Mar 26, 2020-

The difference between spandex fabric and vinylon fabric

How to distinguish spandex fabric and vinylon fabric? The following introduces the characteristics and characteristics of spandex fabric and vinylon fabric, so that everyone can distinguish spandex fabric and vinylon fabric.

Spandex: It also has excellent elasticity, also known as elastic fiber, also known as Lycra. It has good elasticity, smooth feel, low hygroscopicity, good weather resistance and chemical resistance, machine washable, and poor heat resistance.

Vinylon: The fabric looks and feels like cotton, with poor elasticity, good hygroscopicity, low specific gravity and low thermal conductivity, easy to wear and keep warm, good strength and abrasion resistance, strong and durable, excellent chemical resistance, sunlight and other functions.