How To Choose Anti-UV Fabric

- Apr 17, 2020-

How to choose anti-UV fabric

The ultraviolet radiation that reaches the surface of the earth in solar radiation can be divided into the following three parts: long-wavelength ultraviolet-UVA (wavelength 315-400mm), medium-wavelength ultraviolet-UVB (wavelength 280-315mm), short-wavelength ultraviolet-UVC ( Wavelength 180 ~ 280). When UVA is injected into human skin, it can activate the melanin in the skin, darken the skin, and accelerate skin aging. When the skin receives excessive UVB, it will produce erythema, blisters, and cause burns; excessive UVC radiation will cause skin cancer.

Ultraviolet-resistant fabric can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation to the skin. When a beam containing ultraviolet rays is irradiated to the ultraviolet-resistant fabric, because the fabric has a good effect of blocking ultraviolet rays, it can block more than 95% of the ultraviolet rays in the beam from the fabric. , Thereby effectively preventing the invasion of ultraviolet rays on human skin. The lower the UV transmittance of the fabric, the better the UV resistance of the fabric.