Du Pont Lycra, Polyamide And Polyester Are The Most Commonly Used Materials In Swimwear

- Mar 11, 2020-

Du pont lycra, polyamide and polyester are the most commonly used materials in swimwear

The swimsuit of any continuously hollow, tiehua and so on special material is separated from du pont lycra, nylon, dacron 3 kinds of elastic characteristic. And the swimsuit that new roll out is in above foundation plus fight ultraviolet ray commonly, fight chlorine or the special processing such as splash water treatment. The characteristics of the three fabrics are as follows:

Du pont lycra: it is a kind of artificial elastic fiber, the best elastic fabric, can be extended to the original length of 4 ~ 6 times, excellent extension, suitable for mixing with all kinds of fibers, can strengthen the quality of the fabric pendant, wrinkle and other advantages. The chlorine-resistant dubbon lycra will give swimwear a longer life than those made from ordinary materials.

Nylon fabric: texture is not as solid as lycra fabric, but flexibility and lycra has the same. Currently the most commonly used fabric for swimwear, suitable for mid-priced products. The inside material of swimsuit also USES polyamide fiber mostly, because swimsuit design is one of the principles with "comfortable", "close-fitting", keep inside material and fabric flexibility consistent, just won't affect consumer to wear comfortable.

Polyester fabric: stretch fabric for one way, two sides. Because of limited elasticity, most of them are used in swimming trunks or women's swimming two-body style, not suitable for one-body style. Fabric that can be partially spliced or applied with low unit price strategy.